For more information on how to qualify as an England Netball Officiating Umpire contact a member the Bedfordshire County Officiating TSG, or your local League Umpiring Secretary.

For specific umpiring criteria within Bedfordshire County please see below.

County Officiating TSG Members:  

Bernadette Palmer; Louise Brown; Katie Edwards-Sanders

IO, C AWARD AND B AWARD UMPIRES – Bedfordshire Officiating Pathway Criteria 


Congratulations to the following umpires who have sucessfully passed an Umpiring Award:

                      IO AWARD C AWARD 
13-07-2023 03-08-2023 18-05-2023 
Emma Hayward
 Poppy Newman                                   Kirsty Coplestone      
Chloe Etheridge Kelly Walsh Amy Johnston 
07-08-2023 10-08-2023 13-06-2023 
Charlotte Moss Carol Herbert Karen Munge    
Deserene Delpratt    Nyree Galvin             Carole Taylor 
14-08-2023 31-08-2023   
Jess Tucker    Grace Edwards   
Karly Dove Amelia Carter   
  Rachael Carter   
22-08-2023 Nicola Horsford   
Tracy Dixon     
05-09-2023 07-09-2023   
Kate Kennard Ruth Dennison   
Ashley Valentine Clare Estes
17-10-2023 19-10-2023   
Ruby Hebblethwaite Stephanie Watson   
Marian McNamara     
Elleyse Robertson 07-11-2023   
Vicki Lynch Danine Maskill