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County Schools Tournaments

Winners and Runners Up of each age group U19, U16 and U14 of the Schools County Tournaments go forward to represent Bedfordshire in the Regional Round of the National Schools Competition.


Winners and Runners Up of the Regional Round go forward to the National Schools Competition.





Schools County Tournaments 2022/23

The Schools County Tournaments will be held on the following dates at Bedford Academy:


U19  - Tue 8 Nov           (reserve Tue 15/11)

U16  - Thu 3 Nov           (reserve Thu 10/11)

U15  - Mon 21 Nov        (reserve Mon 28/11)

U14  - Wed 16 Nov        (reserve Wed 23/11)

U13  - Tue 28 Feb          (reserve Tue 7/3)

U12  - Thu 9 Mar           (reserve Thu 16 Mar)

U11  - Wed 22 Feb         (reserve Wed 1/3) @ BGS


2022-23 National Schools Championship - Regional Round will be held at  Stanborough School, Welwyn Garden City on 28th January 2023

The following Schools represented Bedfordshire in the various age groups:

 Redborne Upper, Bedford Modern, Samuel Whitbread and Bedford Girls School.

The final standings can be found here.















Winners and Runners Up of the U19, U16, U15 and U14 of the County Round of the Schools Tournaments 2022/23:

Details to follow

U19 Winners – xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

U19 Runner Up –

U16 Premier – 

U16 Prem Runner Up – 

U16 Div 1 Winners -

U16 Div 1 Runner Up - 

U16 Div 2 Winners - 

U16 Div 2 Runner Up - 

U15 Premier – 

U15 Prem Runner Up – 

U15 Div 1 Winners -

U15 Div 1 Runner Up - 

U15 Div 2 Winners - 

U15 Div 2 Runner Up - 

U14 Premier – 

U14 Prem Runner Up – 

U14 Div 1 Winners - 

U14 Div 1 Runners Up - 

U14 Div 2 Winners - 

U14 Div 2 Runner Up -