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Bedfordshire County Netball is proud of it's many talented individuals.
Gary Burgess
Gary Burgess
International Umpire

Shaunagh Craig Shaunagh Craig
England Excel

Sylvia Eastley
Sylvia Eastley
Founder Member

The Hall of Fame is dedicated to people who have made a considerable contribution to Netball in our county including players, coaches and administrators who have gone on to represent Bedfordshire at regional and national level.

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Josie Huckle Josie Huckle

 Maggie Jackson Maggie Jackson MBE
Director of Coaching

Deb Jones Deb Jones
Assistant Coach
Mavericks Youth

Kendra Slawinski Kendra Slawinski OBE
Former England Captain

Loran Wyatt  Loran Wyatt
England Youth

Mavericks Youth:
Shaunagh Craig, Clare Drakeford, Eleanor Duncan, Beatrice Skingsley, Jasmine Whitlock, Rovinj Allen


Maggie's Story

In my adult playing career I found myself playing against Bedfordshire on many occasions as I played for East Essex in the 80s. We would play in the east region so always found it a challenge to come up against Denise Fleur, Yvonne Richards, Barbara Trafford and of course Sylvia Eastley, the coach. Forecasting the result of my encounter was never easy.

Between 1984 -1987 i was fortunate enough to be in the England Squad enjoying training with Kendra Slawinski amongst others and for two years I found myself in the defensive with her until I warmed the bench. A World Games in 1985 and a World Championships in 1987 were the two highlights in that period of my playing career.

Marrying David and two children, Kari and Tom and a short move to the Isle of Man occured between 1989 and 1993 and then we moved back to the mainland to Bedford. I found myself joining Grangers NC and playing with several players who I had only known as the opposition in the past and being coached my Sylvia, which was a lot of fun, Still I know I am never too old to try and improve my defending!

It was at this point I joined forces with Kendra first of all as an antique player for Bedfordshire, then assistant coach and eventually Head Coach, which was really where my coaching started. A terrific group of players emerged with a national League and InterCounty Win. Netball was changing and I was always keen to challenge myself. I worked with Kendra and Colette Thomson for Birmingham Blaze in the initial 3 years of SuperCup. 2nd place was the best we could do. In 2004 I was very lucky in accepting the invitation to become the assistant England Sqaud Coach and it was a very exciting and challenging 3 years with several tours, the commonwealth games in 2006 where the squad won the Bronze Medal. My time spent with Marg Caldow and the national squad players gave me tremendous experience and a relisation that one has such a lot to learn as a coach.

In 2005 and a rush of blood to the head I joined forces with Gloria Keech, Heather Nolan and Jo Munnion, this is where the Mavericks era began. It was super to have the opportunity to link in with other coaches from other counties, Fiona Murtagh and Sam Bird and also work with a variety of players. Two more years as the bridesmaid in 2nd place and at last in 2008 Mavericks WON the championships. Now the hard work really starts to improve the standard further and bring through home grown players.