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All participants that play in Bedfordshire Leagues must affiliate via their Club to England Netball. The affiliation fee covers the playing year from September 1st to August 31st the following year, and includes the Bedfordshire County, East Region and England Netball national fees.

Every player must affiliate to their main club as First Claim and pay the full fee via this club.  If a player plays for another club within the County they must be affiliated to that club as Second Claim - in this case they do not pay a further fee to England Netball, or to Bedfordshire.  However, players wishing to play as Second Claim for a Bedfordshire Club but are from outside the County or Region will pay the Bedfordshire fee, of £8.00.

Reminder: Teams (particularly Regional League Teams) are reminded that they should get their First Claim players registered, and ensure all fees are paid, as early as possible to avoid holding up another team/club from registering that player as Second Claim. The on-line affiliation system will not allow a team to register a player Second Claim until her First Claim Club has registered her.

Late registering can also impact on Teams wishing to take part in Tournaments in other leagues who cannot enter their Tournaments until all their team players are affiliated.  If they are using Second Claim players, they cannot register them until their First Claim Club has registered them, and paid the appropriate fee, so please be mindful of this and get your affiliations completed as soon as possible.  

Please see links below for details of the 2018-19 Affiliation Fees. 

Affiliation Fees 2018-2019