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Bedfordshire is one of the County Netball Associations located in the East Region, our Governing Body is England Netball

The County is adminstered by a Committee, with representatives from each of the Leagues within Bedfordshire, and Technical Support Groups and other Officers.  It's constitution is consistent with England Netball's constitution which governs the way in which Netball is provided within the County.

The County Association is supported by a network of unpaid but passionate volunteers administering Leagues, Clubs and Members.  We are always seeking more volunteers to support the delivery of the Great Game of Netball.  If you are interested in joining our Committee, please take a look at our Vacancies.

Bedfordshire is a strong Netball county with a history that goes back to 1956.  Netball's popularity in Bedfordshire continues to grow with players from across our Region making a significant contribution to the continuing success of the game.  With our four Leagues we have thriving Junior, Youth and Senior Netball Clubs playing across the County with both mid-week and weekend offerings.  Additionally we have U15 and U13 County Academies supporting our Performance Pathway.




Bedfordshire County Vision and Mission Statements


To plan, develop and sustain the growth of Netball within Bedfordshire.


We will create an deliver the County objectives which meets the needs and expectations of the Netball membership within Bedfordshire.