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Officiating in Bedfordshire is very healthy.  We have a full programme of mentoring across the County to aid umpire development.

The Officiating TSG, current members listed below, oversee the implementation of all aspects of officiating, i.e. umpiring, mentoring, and assessing.

Anyone wishing to progress their umpiring or in fact get onto the umpiring ladder, or if you have any umpiring issue, please  contact a member of the Officiating group below or contact your League Umpiring Secretary.





Officiating Pathway

For more information on how to qualify as an England Netball Officiating Umpire contact the Bedfordshire County Officiating Lead: [email protected] or your local League Umpiring Secretary.

You can find all you need to know about the Umpiring Pathway if you follow this link to the England Netball website.


County Officiating TSG Members:

Kay Smith (Lead)

Sandra Howlett

Bernadette Palmer

Louise Brown

Katie Edwards-Sanders




 Congratualtions to the following who have successfully passed their Officiating Award

 INTO OFFICIATING AWARD                                       C AWARD

 09 February 2022                                                   28 April 2022

 Ruby Blair                                                               Imogen Nurse

 Louisa Dukic                                                            Alison Taylor

 Evie Ferry

 Aimee Hughes                                                       


06 January 2022                                                      27 February 2022 

 Sophie Felstead                                                         Chloe Beggie

                                                                               Andrea Hopkin 


                                                                                 11 May 2022

                                                                                 Sherma Joseph

                                                                               Charlotte Ellis

                                                                               Kelly Knibbs

                                                                               Tanisha Graham

                                                                               21 June 2022

                                                                                  Richard Roberts

                                                                                Fay Walker