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Officiating in Bedfordshire is very healthy.  We have a full programme of mentoring across the County to aid umpire development.

The Officiating TSG, current members listed below, oversee the implementation of all aspects of officiating, i.e. umpiring, mentoring, assessing, courses as described in the County Plan.

Anyone wishing to progress their umpiring or in fact get onto the umpiring ladder, or if you have any umpiring issue, please feel free to contact a member of the Officiating group email addresses as listed below 










Congratualtions to the following who have successfully passed their Officiating Award



 September 2021 

 Heritage League

 Nadia Shakir
 Kirsty Brown
 Heidi Sharman
 Karen Munge
 Sophie Childs
 Anna Patten 
 Elaine Busolini
 Georgina Sleeman

 Bedford League 
 Ella Hunt
 Lucy Tuttle
 Katie Smith
 Sherma Joseph
 Sue Davis
 Tanisha Grahame





County Officiating TSG Members:


Kay Smith (Lead)

Bernadette Palmer

Louise Brown

Sandra Howlett

Katie Edwards-Sanders












Please remember that any rules questions or  queries can be sent to