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For more information on how to qualify as an England Netball Officiating Umpire contact the Bedfordshire County Officiating Lead: 

[email protected] or your local League Umpiring Secretary.  For specific umpiring criteria within Bedfordshire County please see below.

County Officiating TSG Members:  Kay Smith (Lead)Sandra Howlett; Bernadette Palmer; Louise Brown; Katie Edwards-Sanders

You can find all you need to know about the Umpiring Pathway if you follow this link to the England Netball website.



Congratulations to the following umpires who have sucessfully passed an Umpiring Award:

IO AWARD                              C AWARD                                 
02-08-2022   01-09-2022
  21-06-2022 Fay Walker
Francesca Roberts
  Shakira Hussain
    Richard Roberts
Holly Bosmans   Amy Hall
Megan Latschrauner   Beth Palmer
   30-08-2022 Sophie Browne
Katie Pouton   Helen Bendon

Mollie Laycock   Adam Laycock
Shannon Atkins          
25-08-2022 Amelia Rayner
Rebekkah Price
Amy Thomas 29-09-2022
Alesha Bell   Sophie Horsfall      

Rebecca Less   Rae Neagle      
Louisa Fury
Bev Newton
Sara Simpson
Megan Miller Cranko


Please see below, the umpiring criteria adopted by Bedfordshire County, if you require further clarification, please contact the County Umpiring Secretary, Kay Smith, email:  [email protected]

IO Award – If an IO passes their practical assessment and does not umpire at all for a season, then they must start the IO pathway from the beginning.   Extenuating circumstances will be considered.

C Award – C award umpires that have not umpired within any of the Bedfordshire Leagues for 2 continuous years are not eligible to umpire in the Bedfordshire Leagues until they have, firstly undertaken a refresher course; and then they need to be re-assessed by a qualified assessor using the current C award criteria.  Such assessment can be undertaken at any friendly match.  Extenuating circumstances will be considered.

B Award - C award umpires wishing to progress to B award must umpire at least 6 high standard Premier matches and umpire in at least 2 county events.  They then need to be observed by a B Assessor to ensure readiness for a B course.

A course application must be endorsed by the County Umpiring Secretary.

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